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Celtic Dreams

An original Rock Opera by Phil Williams

Merlin the Wizard


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Celtic Dreams (Originally called "Merlin The Wizard"), is a Rock Opera telling a new twist on the traditional legends of King Arthur. Written by local man and guitar tutor at Mayzmusik, Phil (Pip) Williams, it tells the story of the power struggle between Morgan Le Fey and the legendary Merlin the Wizard. It also features the betrayal of Gorlois, King of Cornwall by his wife Igraine and the High King of Britain, Uther Pendragon, following the story through to the ultimate downfall of the great King Arthur at the hand of his own son Mordred.

Celtic Dreams features Phil's 1987 single "Sunshine in the Morning" released by Mystic Records.
Other Tracks include "The Incredible Scheme", "If that's what it takes to be hip" and the single's B Side "Kingmaker".

The Band

The Original Band "Visions in Glass", from where our theatre group took its name
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Photo of original Visions in Glass


Original Album cover for "Sunshine in the Morning"

Original album cover 

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