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Mayzmusik is now a Performing Arts Academy in Abergavenny, South Wales, located off the Brecon Road. Performing Arts Centre, Performance arts, Dance academy, Ballet academy, ballet tuition, Dance classes, Drama Academy, Drama lessons, Cetre for performing arts.

The Team

This page has a list of all our music teachers, music tutors, teaching staff, music instructors, mentors, coaches and general all round musicians and a brief of thier experience and qualifications within the music industry.


This page explains all about Piano and electric keyboard lessons and the different methods of playing invloved in each.


Read this page if you are interested in getting Guitar or Bass Guitar lessons, learn about all 3 of our professional Guitar instuctors.


If you are keen on improving you rhythm and co-ordination on one of the most energetic instruments you can play, then follow this link to find out more on becoming a drummer.

Wind Instrument

Mayzmusik in Abergavenny teaches a range of wind instruments including Saxophone, Flute & Clarinet.


If you want to learn to play one of the most expressive woodwind intruments, whether its soprano, alto, tenor or barratone, then follow this link to learn about this classic jazz horn.


Follow this link to find out more about one of the softest and most elegant instruments available to learn. Whether its Jazz, Classical, Modern or orchestral, you'll be surprised at how versatile this instrument is.


Even plastic starter clarinets can sound lovely in the right hands, even more so professional wooden clarinets, follow this link to learn how to perform one of the most comprehensive jazz instruments of the modern musical world.

Vocal Coaching

Follow this link to learn about our singing teacher. Train your voice to sing classic songs, love songs, pop songs, jazz tunes, and most anything else you can think of singing.

School of Rock

Follow this link to find out more about our weekly music workshops.


Follow this link to find out about our annual band workshops.


Follow this link to find out about Rockschool LTD and how we conduct music grades and exams.

Musical Theatre

Follow this link to learn about drama, acting, singing and dancing. Stage performance, musicals, opera, rock opera, actors, actresses, performing, stage show, production, rehearsing, scripts, comedy, tragedy and exitement

Talent Show

If you think you have a talent to be used in the performing arts industry then follow this link to enter our very own externally judged talent competition.

Success Stories

This link will take you to our Succes Stories page, which focuses on all successful candidates of Mayzmusik exams and individual students who have excelled in their subject in one way or another.

This page will also take you to our Archive News section and Latest News section


Follow this link to learn about all the musical qualifications you can achieve and the individual exam boards that Mayzmusik uses. As a Performing Arts Academy, you may study for a GCSE in Music, Dance and Drama.
Music GCSE & A-level
Dance GCSE & A-level
Business Studies GCSE

Latest News

This is where you can keep checking back on a regular basis to see whats new, whether its: New tutors, new premesis, new courses available, student of the month, Mayzmusik exam record brakers. Why not add this page to your favourites.


Follow this to links to:
Music sites, music shops, Abergavenny related sites, South Wales sites, band sites and any other related topics. You can even add links to your own site provided you link back to in exchange.

Elvis & Memphis Mafia

Follow this link to find out about Abergavenny favourite Elvis impersonator.

Ty Hafan

Follow this link to learn about our charitable causes and fund raising activities for this Welsh Children's Hospice

Contact Us

This link will take you to a form which will go direct to our email account. Please get in touch with us for any queries, lesson bookings or advice.